This is us when we were footloose and fancy free (i.e., before we owned a cafe).

This is us when we were footloose and fancy free (i.e., before we owned a cafe).

Us, in our cosy little home away from home (i.e. the cafe).

Us, in our cosy little home away from home (i.e. the cafe).

About US

We are Bec and Diego, and Small Graces is our first love child.

Diego had been a fine-dining chef for many years, working in some of Victoria’s best dining institutions like the Lakehouse in Daylesford and Annie Smithers’ Bistrot in Kyneton. A while ago we decided we wanted to do our own thing in the local area – something humble and casual where we could focus on using great produce to make high quality, healthy, interesting café food. 

Diego has the skills, Bec has a heap of passion and knowledge about healthy eating (as well as some business and design smarts), and both share a commitment to environmental sustainability (minimal waste, locally sourced ingredients, eco-friendly packaging etc). It's an ideal combination.

So, when we moved to Footscray a few years ago, we started dreaming. There was so much inspiration and choice from the incredible Vietnamese, African and Indian food on offer, and some great cafes like Rudimentary and the Footscray Milking Station. 

But for us, there still seemed to be an opportunity for a good, everyday-eating cafe in the CBD, where local workers and students could get a quick healthy lunch or brekky, as well as something a bit more indulgent every now and then. And so here we are!

Come and see us soon!


We've had a lot of love and support from the internet world since we opened - which we have really appreciated. 

It started with the lovely Joyce from Mel Hot or Not and Tot Hot or Not, who came in on our very first day of trading - and liked what she found!

Next up, the wonderful Mamma Knows West gave us the thumbs up for our family friendliness (something that is super important to us), and included us in their list of the top cafes in the West for 2017

Then this delightful review from Kenny of Consider the Sauce, a local Westie legend who we invited in for a meal when we first opened, and who especially loved our creative small dishes.

Kate Shanasy wrote a great piece for Broadsheet that focused on our background and ethics when it comes to sustainability and healthy eating.

The Urban List's review came out completely unbeknown to us, which was a very happy surprise! They particularly loved our fit-out (which we were pretty stoked about given we did it all ourselves!). 

Weekend Notes included us in their wrap-up of the best cafes in Footscray and Seddon.

Victoria Khroundina wrote a great piece for Time Out Melbourne, and has become quite a regular customer! 

And most recently, Dani Valent wrote this excellent review for The Age’s Good Food!

Thanks so much to all of the above for your support!